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September 2018
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Review: The Mechanikals

The Mechanikals
The Mechanikals by John Dodds
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Mechanikals by John Dodds is a wonderful Steampunk adventure! The story follows the adventures of a young lad named Edwin, who becomes an unwitting hero and part of an almost superhero-type group of people called The Mchanikals. The purpose of this group is to fend of the growing army of Selkies, led by a villain known as Mr. Asphyx, while the general population thinks the country is going to war with just Germania. Through the twists and turns of the story, Edwin has to question everything he thought he ever knew, and ultimately must decide which side to trust. Each of the team members has a “call name” that they are better known by. Alun is The Draughtsman, Tamsin is Vulcania , and Malcom in known as The Engineer. Others in the group are know as The Architect (Corin) and the Cartographer (Pat.). Each of them possesses a special ability, and when Edwin is brought into the group, he discovers that he too has a special ability granted by his special mechanical eye. The cast of characters is quite varied and colorful, and I appreciate the banter and relationships between them. The setting is as you’d expect – a version of old London, complete with dirigibles, factories and of course fantastical steam powered contraptions, which are quite spectacular.

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