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October 2018
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Review: Bespelled: Tales of a Vampire Hunter

Bespelled: Tales of a Vampire Hunter
Bespelled: Tales of a Vampire Hunter by Zander Vyne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was really looking forward to this story! I absolutely loved the first two stories in this series, Tales of a Vampire Hunter, and I was anxious to read more about the characters that I have come to love.

Zander Vyne is an exceptional writer, and her stories weave a tale that is full of twists and unexpected turns. The characters are well developed, and as a reader, I found myself quite invested in what happens to them. In truth, I could not put this story down until I had finished. And even then I went back and reread parts.

This third installment finds our hero Oliver Ripley older and wiser. He is on the run again, this time minus his beloved Miranda. Their young daughter Rosie is special, with untapped powers that people want to misuse for themselves. Believing Rosie dead, Oliver lets himself slide into a state of barely surviving. But, the story quickly becomes a race to rescue her after Oliver learns not only that Rosie is alive, but that there is “twin” to both Rosie and Miranda that live in the “mirror world” that he never believed truly existed. This story takes the reader through a twisted plot, and finally to a surprising climax. NO spoilers here, but I will say that I hope there is a fourth part to this series.

You can read this story as a stand alone, but I do highly recommend reading this series in order. The first book is Immoral, followed by Depraved and then finally, Bespelled.

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